Les mots de liaison et connecteurs logiques en anglais

Les mots de liaison sont en anglais pour exprimer vos idées.

Ils permettent de mettre les mots en relation.

En les connaissant vous pourrez argumenter ou vous exprimer avec plus de précision.

Voyons l’utilisation de ces mots dans différents contextes :

Addition, énumération :

⇒Besides: en outre,

⇒Furthermore, moreover: de plus

⇒Similarly: similairement

⇒Too: aussi,également

⇒Also: également

⇒As: comme

⇒As well as : ainsi que

⇒First: en premier

⇒Then: ensuite

⇒Last: enfin

I haven’t got enough money to go to the cinema, besides (de plus) there are no good films at the moment.

I’d rather live in France than in England because the food is better and furthermore (en outre) the weather is nicer.



⇒To, in order to: pour

⇒so as to: afin de,

⇒so that: afin que

⇒ in order that: afin de, en vue de

I am going to give several examples in order to (afin de) illustrate my argument.

I will study both the advantages and the disadvantages so as to (afin de) show the two different sides of the argument.

I am babysitting my younger brother so that (afin que) my parents can go out to the theatre.



⇒all the more : d’autant plus

⇒as: comme

⇒ because of, on account of: à cause de

⇒for fear that, lest: de peur que,

⇒since: puisque

⇒the more…the more / the less :  plus…moins

The problem is all the more (d’autant plus) worrying as (que) it seems to be getting worst every year.

The government refuses to take any drastic action for fear that ( de peur que) it should alienate many supporters.

The more (plus) taxes people have to pay the less (moins) they consume.



⇒as if,  as though: comme si

⇒likewise: de même,

⇒unlike: contrairement

The British economy is facing many problems at present, likewise (de même) the French economy is in crisis.

Unlike (contrairement) at the French, the British drive on the left.



⇒in spite of: en dépit de,

⇒despite: malgré

⇒no matter what / who / where: peu importe quoi/ qui/ où,

⇒though: cependant, pourtant

⇒ even though: même si, bien que

Many people continue to use their own cars, in spite of (en dépit de) the fact that the problem of pollution is well-documented.

No matter (peu importe) what I say to my little brother, he never obeys me.

No matter who I complain to, the lift in my building is never repaired.

No matter where I go, I always keep in touch with my friends.

I am still not fluent in Polish, even though (bien que) I have been studying it for eight years.



⇒As: alors que

⇒in the meantime: d’ici là

⇒ meanwhile: entre-temps, en attendant

⇒ while: pendant que

My exam is next Wednesday, so in the meantime (d’ici là) I am doing a lot of revisions.



⇒on condition that, provided: à condition que,

⇒unless: sauf si

My parents allow me to go out at the weekend on condition that (à condition que) I don’t stay out too late.

I can’t go to Oxford University unless (sauf si) I get the recquired grades.



⇒Consequently: en consequence

⇒so+ adjectif +that: si…que

⇒ therefore: donc, par conséquent

I broke my arm recently, consequently (en conséquence) I can’t go on the school skiing holiday next month.

He was so late that (si…que) they missed the first act of the opera.


Contraste, opposition

⇒contrary to: contrairement à 

⇒conversely: inversement

⇒ however: cependant, toutefois, en revanche

⇒instead of: au lieu de

⇒nevertheless: cependant

⇒ otherwise: dans le cas contraire

⇒whereas: tandis que

⇒ while: tandis que, alors que

⇒ yet: pourtant

It doesn’t rain constantly in England, contrary to (contrairement à ) what most foreigners believe.

In case everybody wants the same style of house, there’s a rule against it.

Conversely (inversement), there are rules to prevent too much diversity.

It was pouring down with rain, nevertheless (cependant) my sister insisted that we go to search for our lost cat.

My sister has brown eyes and dark hair like my father, whereas (tandis que) I have blue eyes and blond hair like my mother.


Hypothèse, restriction

⇒even if: même si

⇒even though: même si, bien que

⇒ as far as: pour autant que

⇒as long as:à condition que

⇒so long as: dans la mesure où

No, Lucy hasn’t managed to find a job yet as far as (pour autant que) I know.

You can go out so long as (dans la mesure où) you don’t come back too late.


Source: HATIER